Experience a new way of listening to music!  Imagine a performance that virtually expands the venues and transforms the relationship between the musician and the public.

JERZY SAPIEYEVSKI unites a wide variety of stylistic influences from classical, popular, jazz, and the avant-garde. Each performance is one-of-a-kind creation drawn from the ambiance and interaction of the pianist with the audience. This site-specific creativity utilizes the architecture, acoustics and the unique spirit of the venue, immersing the audience in an engaging event.

His AmericanSongClub® sheds new light on the music that shaped American consciousness. In its musical intimacy it promotes talent development, social understanding and cultural interaction through the tradition and meaning of the world-famous, time-honored American songs.

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  Superb... Prodigious musical imagination.     The Washington Post
  Warm and attractively lyrical music.
The New York Times
  Deeply moving, vivid with life s anger, anguish and joy. Pittsburgh Post

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