Experience a new way of listening to music!
Enjoy a lively celebration of beloved songs, which live-on through generations. In an intimate setting, Jerzy brings treasured American classics directly to you. New interpretations by this inspiring musician create a memorable event.

The presentations shed light on the music that shaped American consciousness and a time-honored artistic experience.   AmericanSongClub® brings a new dimension and vitality to live music interaction. - MusicHappens®

"I Can't Give You Anything but Love"
LIVE! with Saira Grewal, vocals

"A Tribute to GLENN FREY"   (Eagles - Desperado)
- LIVE! with David Keplinger, vocals

AmericanSongClub® Playlist

Jerzy Sapieyevski

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"Desperado"- composed by Glenn Frey; "I Can't Give You" - by Jimmy McHugh;